Florian Graichen



As General Manager Forests to Biobased Products Florian is responsible for Scion’s projects, programmes and impact delivery around replacing petrochemicals and non-sustainable materials with products from trees and other biomaterials. These activities are aiming at the design of biomaterials to create products for the rapidly growing sustainability conscious market enabled through distributed manufacturing and biorefineries across New Zealand.


  • PhD in Chemistry (Dr. rer. nat), University of Regensburg, Germany
  • Diploma in Chemistry (Dipl. Chem. univ), University of Regensburg, Germany

Selected papers

Bioplastics in Agriculture and Horticulture, Florian H. M. Graichen et al, Bioplastics Magazine, February 2020

Science and the Plastics Problem - A short documentary by Shirley Horrocks focusing on plastics in New Zealand – the issue, facts and work being done to address and rethink our use of plastics

Radio New Zealand - Saturday Morning - 27 July 2019 - Dr Florian Graichen - Tackling plastic waste – Radio Interview with Kim Hill

Bio-plastic fantastic – Radio New Zealand, September 15th, 2017

Yes, we can make money out of lignin and other bio-based resources by Florian H. M. Graichen et al, Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 106, November 2017, Pages 74-85

Paua and Biopolymers at Scion, Rural Delivery, December 2016

Using biomass side streams for bioplastics in New Zealand, Florian H. M. graichen et al, Bioplastics Magazine (03/16) Vol 11, 2016

Accelerating the development of biobased products, Pure Advantage, July 28th, 2015

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Bio-aromatics: The future of the industry? Florian H. M. Graichen, 13th ICIS World Aromatics & Derivatives Conference, Berlin, Germany, 18/19 November 2014

Intensification of Bioprocesses: Increased Performance with less cost; F. H. M. Graichen, H. De Wever, W. Van Hecke, and K. Vanbroekhoven; European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology - EFIB 2013; Brussels, Belgium, 30.09. to 02.10.2013

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Dual Perspective – thoughts on the biobased economy; Interview with Agro and Chemie; Sjoerd Kuipers and Florian H.M. Graichen; July 2013

Recent conference proceedings:

Biobased Composites – the Good – the Bad and the Ugly – Lessons Learned over the last 15 Years, Florian H. M. Graichen, Invited Speaker and conference session chair, 8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne, 14–15 November 2019, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany

Plastic Possibilities: The Three Pillars Circulation, Elimination and Innovation, Florian H. M. Graichen, Invited Speaker for the “Innovate Session”, SBN Annual conference, August 26th 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

Bioplastics and Packaging Opportunities, Florian H. M. Graichen, Invited Speaker, 2019 New Zealand Seafood Industry Technical Day, August 8th 2019, Queenstown, New Zealand

Tackling plastic waste through circular economy approaches, Florian H. M. Graichen - Royal Society Te Apārangi Parliamentary Speaker's Science Forum, Wellington, New Zealand, June 26th

Renewable Materials in a Circular Economy, Florian H. M. Graichen - The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Summit, London, United Kingdom, June 13th 2019

Bio-Based Developments & The New Plastics Economy Roadmap in NZ, Florian H.M. Graichen, Plastics New Zealand 75th Anniversary Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, May 16th 2019

Advanced Biobased Products - combining sustainability with performance, Florian H. M. Graichen, 25th Bio-Environmental Polymer Society (BEPS) conference, Troy, USA, Australia, August 15-17, 2018