Remote sensing: UAV/drones

Capturing and using aerial imagery in forest management is a rapidly developing area.

Scion’s advanced multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a key tool in research associated with aerial data capture.

There is huge potential for use of aerial imagery, both in research and in commercial forest management. Our scientists are advancing techniques for the capture and use of LiDAR, high-definition video, thermal and multi-spectral imagery.

For many forest managers, aerial imagery is already an essential management tool. We work with forest managers to develop systems that are relevant and cost-effective.

Examples of forest management applications include:

  • High-definition geospatial work, e.g. mapping for forest planning and management
  • Pest and disease identification and monitoring
  • Forest inventory
  • Analysing the environmental impact of forest operations.

Many of our research teams are also working in cross-disciplinary projects that involve the development and use of sophisticated aerial imagery.


Robin Hartley, Scientist, Autonomous Systems

Michael Watt, Principal Scientist, Remote Sensing and GIS

Peter Massam, Team Lead, Autonomous Systems and UAV Operations Manager

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