Cost-effective solution helps our customers grow

In 2012, Scion was engaged by New Zealand plastics manufacturer, Adept Plastics, to advance their non-toxic, dissolvable injection moulding compound for water soluble animal/meal processing devices. Adept Plastics is a pioneering leader in the meat processing and medical sectors, supplying 95 per cent of Australasia’s abattoirs.

The soluble processing devices replaced the non-degradable plastic plugs previously used in meat processing, which required employees to extract them. As a result, the plugs were often overlooked with renderers and pet food manufacturers having to recover these items further downstream.

The soluble compound is lightweight and inexpensive to formulate, making it commercially viable to process and the end product a cost-effective option for Adept Plastic’s customers. Adept Plastics since built on their research and development investment by installing their own specially designed extrusion line, in consultation with Scion’s Biopolymers and Composites Team, followed by a short secondment by one of our scientists to provide practical assistance.

This new attribute of benign rapid dissolvability distinguishes Adept Plastic’s products from others and, with the new custom extrusion line, has enabled them to generate new sales by making tailored dissolvable products. This has supported on-going employment with further expansion of the company planned.

Adept Plastics won a gold award for these products at the 2014 New Zealand Plastics Industry Design Awards in October.

Collaborators / Partners: Adept Plastics
Investment: Adept Plastics
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