New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science

Scion and Springer Science+Business Media have joined forces to publish the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science.

Scion retains editorial management of this long-running science journal, having published it for over 40 years.

The Journal is freely accessible online and subscription is not necessary. There is one volume per calendar year but not separate issues. Individual articles are published online as soon as they are ready.

Access PDF files of all papers published in the journal prior to 2018 using the menu to the left.

Bibliographic details of all the papers up until 2013 are included in a file that can be imported into EndNote. Right click on the link, then click on "save link as..." to save a copy the file: NZJFS vols 1 to 42 for export.xml. Open EndNote and import the saved xml file into an EndNote library. Use the "EndNote generated XML" import option when importing the file into EndNote.

Submission guidelines

ISSN 1179-5395 (on-line)