NZJFS - Volume 25 (1995)

  • Competitive positioning strategy for New Zealand Pinus radiata in selected United Kingdom sawn timber markets

    R. J. Cooper, S. P. Kalafatis and A. J. McPherson
    [2.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Grading random-width lumber by computer

    C. L. Todoroki
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Spiral grain in Canterbury Pinus radiata: within- and between-tree variations and effect on mechanical properties

    A. Tsehaye and J. C. F. Walker
    [871.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Free shrinkage of Pinus radiata at an elevated temperature

    A. M. Carrington, R. B. Keey and J. C. F. Walker
    [872.6 KB] (pdf).
  • Examination of crop typing in forest estate modelling

    L. Te Morenga, B. Manley and S. Wakelin
    [2.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Understorey species composition patterns in a Pinus radiata plantation on the central North Island volcanic plateau, New Zealand

    R. B. Allen, K. H. Platt and R. E. J. Coker
    [2.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Growth and predicted timber value of Pinus radiata cuttings and seedlings on a fertile farm site

    D. G. Holden, B. K. Klomp, S. O. Hong and M. I. Menzies
    [1.7 MB] (pdf).
  • Phosphorus levels in topsoils under conifer plantations in Canterbury high country grasslands

    M. C. Belton, K. F. O'Connor and A. B. Robson
    [2.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Cross-grain effect on tensile strength and bending stiffness of Pinus radiata structural lumber

    D.J. Cown, B. Walford, and M.O. Kimberley
    [806.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Log rotation effect on carriage sawing of swept logs

    C. L. Todoroki
    [883.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Split- versus full-taper sawing of pruned plantation-grown logs

    J. C. Park
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Modelling of Pinus radiata wood properties. part 2: basic density

    X. Tian, D. J. Cown and D. L. McConchie
    [1.7 MB] (pdf).
  • Modelling of Pinus radiata wood properties. part 1: spiral grain

    X. Tian, D. J. Cown and M. J. F. Lausberg
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Physiological ageing and site effects on wood properties of Pinus radiata

    M. J. F. Lausberg, D.J Cown, K.F.Gilchrist, J. H. Skipwith, and C.R.Treloar
    [1.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Clonal variation of wood density variables in Pinus radiata

    L. A. Donaldson, R. Evans, D. J. Cown and M. J. F. Lausberg
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Clonal variation and repeatability of microfibril angle in Pinus radiata

    Donaldson, L. A., & Burdon, R. D.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Wood properties of Eucalyptus nitens grown in New Zealand

    M. J. F. Lausberg, K. F. Gilchrist and J. H. Skipwith
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Variation in some wood properties of Pseudotsuga menziesii provenances grown in New Zealand

    M. J. F. Lausberg, D.J Cown, D.L.McConchie and J. H. Skipwith
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Volume estimation of export pulplogs

    J. C. Ellis and M. O. Kimberley
    [858.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Intensive site-preparation to control armillaria root disease in second-rotation Pinus radiata

    M. Self and M. MacKenzie
    [621.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Mycological records: 4. Vizella tunicata sp. nov.

    P. D. Gadgil
    [320.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Mycological records: 3. Coniothyrium ovatum Swart.

    G. S. Ridley
    [201.0 KB] (pdf).
  • Appropriate age for selection of final-crop Pinus radiata

    J. P. Maclaren
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Height growth of Pinus radiata as affected by stocking

    J. P. Maclaren, J. C. Grace, M. O. Kimberley, R. L. Knowles and G. G. West
    [1.7 MB] (pdf).
  • Micronutrient and macronutrient uptake by Pinus radiata, and soil boron fractions, as affected by added nitrogen and boron

    S. T. Olykan, J. A. Adams, A. H. Nordmeyer and R. G. McLaren
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Pinus radiata seedling growth and micronutrient uptake in a sand culture experiment, as affected by the form of nitrogen

    S. T. Olykan and J. A. Adams
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Magnesium nutrition and dry matter allocation patterns in Pinus radiata

    T. W. Payn, D. J. Mead, G. M. Will and I. R. Hunter
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Preferences for land-use options involving forestry in the Mackenzie/Waitaki Basin

    J. R. Fairweather and S. R. Swaffield
    [2.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Protective value of regenerating tea tree stands on erosion-prone hill country, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand

    D. O. Bergin, M. O. Kimberley and M. Marden
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).