Diego Elustondo



Diego has decades of international experience. He has worked in Chile, Canada, Sweden, and now New Zealand, in Universities, R&D Institutes and Industry. Diego is excited to contribute to the advance of forest products internationally and be part of the movement that will make prosperity sustainable in the future.


  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, National Southern University, Argentina - 2001
  • Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, National Southern University, Argentina - 1995

Research capabilities

  • Heat and mass transfer processes in the solid wood sector
  • Applied innovation and theoretical modelling

Career highlights

  • Held the Chaired Professor in Wood Physics at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden
  • Led an initiative to create a Collaborative Competence Center at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden with the aim of strengthening competitiveness and innovation among small and medium-sized companies by facilitating innovative and interdisciplinary cooperation between industry, academia and civil society.
  • Worked on the development and commercialisation radio frequency vacuum drying technology and was moving into the commercialization phase at the University of British Columbia (Canada). Diego’s contribution was the optimization of the process and the theoretical demonstration of the dry/sort/re-dry strategy to save energy, improve quality and increase production.
  • Developing a tool to optimize kiln energy consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The tool was applied FPInnovations’ projects such as “Using wood to fuel dry kilns” and “Opportunities to reduce energy consumption kiln drying”.
  • Awarded an Industrial Research Fellowship by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada in in recognition of “research ability and potential, and leadership and communication skills".
  • Contributed to the development of patented superheated steam vacuum technology for dehydration of food that allowed producing dehydrated products that retained their original colours and shapes in Argentina.

Selected papers

Elustondo, D. (2021). Semi-empirical linear correlation between surface tension and thermodynamics properties of liquids and vapours. Chemical Physics, 545, 111145.

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