NZJFS - Volume 35 (2005)

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    Certification of industrial forest plantations: A view of production forestry in Chile

    Paredes, G
    [477.2 KB] (pdf).
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    Fast-grown plantations, forest certification, and the U.S. South: Environmental benefits and economic sustainability

    Cubbage, F. W.; Siry, J. P.; Abt, R. C.
    [650.1 KB] (pdf).
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    Integrated approach and inventory system for the evaluation of sustainable forest management indicators at local scales in Western European regions

    Carnus, J. M.; Tome, M.; Orazio, C.
    [609.2 KB] (pdf).
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    Can we grow certified eucalypt plantations in subtropical Australia? An insect pest management perspective

    Carnegie, A. J.; Stone, C.; Lawson, S.; Matsuki, M.
    [531.5 KB] (pdf).
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    Understanding and managing wood quality for improving product value in New Zealand

    Cown, D.
    [75.3 KB] (pdf).
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    Marketing of forest products in a changing world

    Hansen, E.; Juslin, H.
    [687.9 KB] (pdf).
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    IUFRO division 5 conference

    Rosen, H. N.
    [52.8 KB] (pdf).
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    Non-destructive methods and process capability analysis to assess conformance of Douglas fir stands to customer quality specifications

    Briggs, D. G.; Turnblom, E. C.; Bare, B. B.
    [518.6 KB] (pdf).
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    Note - Determining sample size for harvesting cost estimation

    Murphy, G. E.
    [33.2 KB] (pdf).
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    Environmental certification systems and impacts of their implementation on occupational health and safety in Chilean forest companies

    Ackerknecht, C.; Bassaber, C.; Reyes, M.; Miranda, H.
    [795.2 KB] (pdf).
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    Optimal bucking of Douglas fir taking into consideration external properties and wood density

    Acuna, M. A.; Murphy, G. E.
    [457.9 KB] (pdf).
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    Indicative growth and yield models for even-aged Eucalyptus fastigata plantations in New Zealand

    Berrill, J. P.; Hay, A. E.
    [864.3 KB] (pdf).
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    Sawn timber and wood properties of 21-year-old Cupressus lusitanica, C. macrocarpa, and Chamaecyparis nootkatensis x C. macrocarpa hybrids. Part 1: Sawn timber performance

    Low, C. B.; McKenzie, H. M.; Shelbourne, C. J. A.; Gea, L. D.
    [851.1 KB] (pdf).
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    Prior land-use influences wood properties of Pinus radiata in New South Wales

    Raymond, C. A.; Anderson, D. W
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
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    Implications of selecting tree clones with high modulus of elasticity

    Lindstrom, H.; Evans, R.; Reale, M.
    [1.9 MB] (pdf).
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    Plantation-grown New Zealand kauri: A preliminary study of wood properties

    Steward, G. A.; McKinley, R. B.
    [737.0 KB] (pdf).
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    Mechanised versus manual log-making in two Chilean Pinus radiata stands

    Carey, B.; Murphy, G. E.
    [70.6 KB] (pdf).
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    History and management of sirex wood wasp in pine plantations in New South Wales, Australia

    Carnegie, A. J.; Eldridge, R. H.; Waterson, D. G.
    [491.0 KB] (pdf).