NZJFS - Volume 45 (2015)

The scope of the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science covers the breadth of forestry science. Planted forests are a particular focus but manuscripts on a wide range of forestry topics will be considered. 
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    Development of Pinus radiata suspension cultures from xylogenic callus

    A. Caird, G. Gielen, P. Dare, C. Devillard, C. Walter and D. Gapes
    Published Online - 9 Dec 2015. [659.9 KB] (pdf).
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    Needle fungi in young Tasmanian Pinus radiata plantations in relation to elevation and rainfall

    I. Prihatini, M. Glen, T. Wardlaw, D. Ratkowsky and C. Mohammed
    Published Online - 7 Dec 2015. [569.6 KB] (pdf).
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    Radial variation in selected wood properties of three cypress taxa

    C. Todoroki, C. Low, H. McKenzie and L. Gea
    Published Online - 16 Nov 2015. [2.7 MB] (pdf).
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    Susceptibility of New Zealand flora to Phytophthora kernoviae and its seasonal variability in the field

    J. Gardner, M. Dick and M. Bader
    Published Online - 12 Nov 2015. [1.2 MB] (pdf).
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    Modelling variation in wood density within and among trees in stands of New Zealand-grown radiata pine

    M. Kimberley, D. Cown, R. McKinley, J. Moore and L. Dowling
    Published Online - 12 Nov 2015. [1.5 MB] (pdf).
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    New data affects forestry-related impacts of global warming theories

    D. South
    Published Online - 11 Nov 2015. [346.1 KB] (pdf).
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    New Zealand school children's perceptions of local forests and the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators: comparing local and international value systems

    K. Bayne, B. Hock, H. Spence, K. Crawford, T. Payn and T. Barnard
    Published Online - 2 Nov 2015. [1.2 MB] (pdf).
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    Effect of logging wounds on diameter growth of beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) trees following selection cutting in Caspian forests of Iran

    F. Tavankar, A. Bonyad, E. Marchi, R. Venanzi and R. Picchio
    Published Online - 29 Oct 2015. [625.6 KB] (pdf).
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    Within-tree, between-tree, and geospatial variation in estimated Pinus radiata bark volume and weight in New Zealand

    G. Murphy and D. Cown
    Published Online - 7 Oct 2015. [809.8 KB] (pdf).
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    An air-drying model for piled logs of Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens in Chile

    H. Bown and J.-P. Lasserre
    Published Online - 5 Oct 2015. [3.8 MB] (pdf).
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    Use of UAV or remotely piloted aircraft and forward-looking infrared in forest, rural and wildland fire management: evaluation using simple economic analysis

    B. Christensen
    Published Online - 4 Sep 2015. [707.9 KB] (pdf).
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    Modelling spiral grain angle variation in New Zealand-grown radiata pine

    J. R. Moore, D. J. Cown and R. B. McKinley
    Published Online - 3 Sep 2015. [631.3 KB] (pdf).
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    The influence of initial and post-thinning stand density on Douglas-fir branch diameter at two sites in New Zealand

    J. C. Grace, R. K. Brownlie and S. G. Kennedy
    Published Online - 2 Sep 2015. [2.5 MB] (pdf).
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    Observations of “coarse” root development in young trees of nine exotic species from a New Zealand plot trial

    C. J. Phillips, M. Marden and S. M. Lambie
    Published Online - 14 Aug 2015. [1.6 MB] (pdf).
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    Post-harvest respiration of Pinus radiata logs under different temperature and storage conditions

    J. Feng, A. Woolf, X. Yang, S. Olsson, D. Brash, A. Hall and B. Bycroft
    Published Online - 4 Jul 2015. [817.7 KB] (pdf).
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    Detection of asymptomatic fungal microorganisms in Pinus radiata tissue culture material

    R. Ganley, C. Hargreaves and L. Donaldson
    Published Online - 27 Jun 2015. [1.2 MB] (pdf).
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    The effect of land use on slope failure and sediment generation in the Coromandel region of New Zealand following a major storm in 1995

    M. Marden and D. Rowan
    Published Online - 24 Jun 2015. [1.3 MB] (pdf).
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    Application of LiDAR data to maximise the efficiency of inventory plots in softwood plantations

    G. Melville, C. Stone and R. Turner
    Published Online - 5 Jun 2015. [644.4 KB] (pdf).
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    Inventory estimates of stem volume using nine sampling methods in thinned Pinus radiata stands, New Zealand

    A. Gordon and D. Pont
    Published Online - 2 Jun 2015. [1.4 MB] (pdf).
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    Water quality in New Zealand's planted forests: a review

    B. Baillie and D. Neary
    Published Online - 22 May 2015. [890.7 KB] (pdf).
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    Relative persistence of commonly used forestry herbicides for preventing the establishment of broom (Cytisus scoparius) seedlings in New Zealand plantations

    H. Tran, K. C. Harrington, A. W. Robertson and M. S. Watt
    Published Online - 7 May 2015. [611.2 KB] (pdf).
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    Comparing and contrasting flooded and unflooded forests in the Peruvian Amazon: seed rain

    R. W. Myster
    Published Online - 23 Apr 2015. [583.3 KB] (pdf).
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    Effects of stand density and seedlot on three wood properties of young radiata pine grown at a dry-land site in New Zealand

    J. R. Moore, D. J. Cown, R. B. McKinley and C. O. Sabatia
    Published Online - 18 Apr 2015. [762.4 KB] (pdf).
  • pdf file

    Growth, biomass, leaf area and water-use efficiency of juvenile Pinus radiata in response to water deficits

    M. J. Waghorn, D. Whitehead, M. S. Watt, E. G. Mason and J. J. Harrington
    Published Online - 17 Apr 2015. [626.3 KB] (pdf).
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    Erratum to: Planted forest development in Australia and New Zealand: comparative trends and future opportunities

    D. Rhodes and M. Stephens
    Published Online - 15 Apr 2015. [299.0 KB] (pdf).
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    The evaluation of aerially applied triclopyr mixtures for the control of dense infestations of wilding Pinus contorta in New Zealand

    S. Gous, P. Raal and M. S. Watt
    Published Online - 25 Feb 2015. [371.4 KB] (pdf).