Publications for sale

Scion has a few publications available for sale as follows. If you wish to purchase any of these publications please download and complete the order form and email to Note: Orders can only be dispatched to New Zealand addresses.

CodeDescriptionPrice NZD
B143 Vegetation map of the Waipoua Forest Sanctuary and environs, Northland, New Zealand 50.00
B157 Vegetation map of the Pureora Mountain Ecological Area, North Island, New Zealand, 1:15 875 50.00
B158 Vegetation map of the Waipapa ecological area, North Island, New Zealand 50.00
B184 Radiata pine growers' manual 70.00
B186 Field guide for sample plots in New Zealand forests 70.00
B200 Measuring the moisture content of wood 30.00
B207 Field guide to common pests, diseases, and other disorders of radiata pine in New Zealand 45.00
B208 Field guide to scoring upper mid-crown yellowing (UMCY) symptoms in radiata pine 45.00
B217 How much wood has your woodlot got?: A practical guide to estimating the volume and value of planted trees 70.00
B220 An introduction to the diseases of forest and amenity trees in New Zealand 70.00
B227 Exotic pests and diseases of pine not wanted in New Zealand 35.00
B229 Assessment and control of Dothistroma needle-blight 30.00
B231 Paulownia 30.00
P088 Machine operator health manual 30.00
P115 Totara: Establishment, growth and management 30.00
P116 Kauri: Ecology, establishment, growth and management 30.00
P117 Native trees - planting and early management for wood production 30.00
P123 Pohutukawa: Ecology, establishment, growth, and management 30.00
P126 Farming with native trees: A guide for farmers from Northland to Waikato 30.00
P136 The New Zealand beeches 30.00
 Pinus radiata D.Don grafting field guide – Open bed, containerised and top grafting 20.00

* Price includes postage and packaging in NZ Dollars.

Note: Most of these items are available to freely download as PDF files from our Digital Library.