NZJFS - Volume 26 (1996)

  • Manual pruning of Douglas-fir

    Hartsough, B., & Parker, R.
    [999.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Nozzles for minimising aerial herbicide spray drift

    Richardson, B., Ray, J., Vanner, A., Davenhill, N., & Miller, K.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Mechanisms of Pinus radiata growth suppression by some common forest weed species

    Richardson, B., Vanner, A., Ray, J., Davenhill, N., & Coker, G.
    [1.9 MB] (pdf).
  • Objective index for the radial distribution of low-order lateral tree roots

    Brown, T. N., Kulasiri, D., & Gaunt, R. E.
    [681.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Relationships between cone penetration resistance, bulk density, and moisture content in uncultivated, repacked, and cultivated hardsetting and non-hardsetting soils from the coastal lowlands of south-east Queensland

    Costantini, A.
    [1.9 MB] (pdf).
  • Conifer establishment in South Island high country: Influence of mycorrhizal inoculation, competition removal, fertiliser application, and animal exclusion during seedling establishment

    Davis, M. R., Grace, L. J., & Horrell, R. F.
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Establishment practices can improve longer-term growth of Pinus radiata on a dry-land hill forest

    Balneaves, J. M., Menzies, M. I., Aimers-Halliday, J., Hong, S. O., McCord, A. R., & McLaughlan, R. J.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Response of Eucalyptus nitens and Eucalyptus regnans seedlings to application of various fertilisers at planting or soon after planting

    Neilsen, W. A.
    [1.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Provenance variation in Pinus radiata at two sites in northern Greece

    Varelides, C.
    [714.6 KB] (pdf).
  • Optimal timing of gibberellin A4/7 application to increase female strobilus numbers in a Pinus radiata seed orchard

    Siregar, I. Z., & Sweet, G. B.
    [895.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Skid site rehabilitation: Soil effects, costs, and early growth results

    Hall, P.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Restoration of land productivity and environment through reforestation of Imperata cylindrica grasslands

    Kuusipalo, J., Hadi, T. S., Lattunen, P., & Otsamo, A.
    [1.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Season of application affects herbicide efficacy in Pinus radiata plantations in South Africa

    Gous, S. F.
    [924.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Using a hydrological model to determine environmentally safer windows for herbicide application

    Michael, J. L., Smith, M. C., Knisel, W. G., Neary, D. G., Fowler, W. P., & Turton, D. J.
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Efficacy of glyphosate on Populus tremuloides as affected by droplet size and spray volume

    Liu, S. H., & Campbell, R. A.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Optimising spot weed control: First approximation of the most cost-effective spot size

    Richardson, B., Davenhill, N., Coker, G., Ray, J., Vanner, A., & Kimberley, M.
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Herbicides-protecting long-term sustainability and water quality in forest ecosystems

    Neary, D. G., & Michael, J. L.
    [2.9 MB] (pdf).
  • New technologies for the simulation and assessment of forest landscape change

    Kilvert, S. K.
    [742.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Planning forest establishment operations with a computerised decision-support system: A case study analysis of decision-making over a full rotation

    Mason, E. G.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Modelling the effects of herbicide release on early growth and survivial of Picea mariana

    Flemming, R. A., & Wood, J. E.
    [2.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Use of a model to analyse the role of trees in soil water distribution and utilisation

    Pang, Q. Y., Johnson, I. R., & Lockwood, P. V.
    [1.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Note - Container types and containerised stock for New Zealand afforestation

    Nelson, W.
    [787.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Performance of Pinus radiata in relation to seedling grade, weed control, and soil cultivation in the central North Island of New Zealand

    Mason, E. G., South, D. B., & Weizhong, Z.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Weed control and large bare-root stock improve early growth of Pinus radiata in South Africa

    Zwolinski, J. B., South, D. B., Cunningham, L., & Christie, S.
    [1015.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Improving environmental performance: The role of the New Zealand forest code of practice

    Visser, R.
    [517.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Artificial intelligence and decision support in natural resource management

    Stock, M. W., & Rauscher, H. M.
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Moisture, nutrient, and insect constraints on plantation growth: The "Garden of Eden" study

    Powers, R. F., & Ferrell, G. T.
    [2.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Site quality and the competition between weeds and planted seedlings in relation to weeding

    Tange, T., Suzuki, M., & Yagi, H.
    [696.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Competition for water and nutrients between ground vegetation and planted Picea abies

    Orlander, Goran, Nilsson, Urban, & Hallgren, Jan Erik.
    [2.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Competing vegetation effects on initial growth of planted Picea abies

    Nilsson, U., Gemmel, P., & llgren, J. E.
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Growth response of Pinus taeda to varying levels of hardwood control

    Glover, G. R., & Lauer, D. K.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Timing and duration of herbaceous vegetation control around four northern coniferous species

    Wagner, R. G., Noland, T. L., & Mohammed, G. H.
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Simplifying the study of competition at the individual plant level: Consequences of distinguishing between competitive effect and response for forest vegetation management

    Goldberg, D. E.
    [2.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Design and interpretation of interference studies: Are some methods totally unacceptable?

    [1.9 MB] (pdf).