NZJFS - Volume 8 (1978)

  • Wood properties of clonal radiata pine grown in soils with different levels of available nitrogen, phosphorus and water

    Harris, J. M., McConchie, D. L., & Povey, W. A.
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Wood properties of Pinus radiata infected with Dothistroma pini

    Harris, J. M., & McConchie, D. L.
    [629.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Efficacy of acidic and alkaline solutions of alkylammonium compounds as wood preservatives

    Butcher, J. A., & Drysdale, J.
    [668.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Toxicity of tertiary amine acetates against basidiomycetes and soft-rot fungi

    Butcher, J. A., & Preston, A. F.
    [560.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Fungicidal effectiveness of various salts of a tertiary amine

    Preston, A. F., & Butcher, J. A.
    [478.8 KB] (pdf).
  • Comparison of the Pilodyn and torsiometer methods for the rapid assessment of wood density in living trees

    Cown, D. J.
    [655.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Density variation within Cocos nucifera stems

    Meylan, B. A.
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Foliar concentrations of ten mineral nutrients in nine Pinus radiata clones during a 15-month period

    Knight, P. J.
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Assessment of frost damage in radiata pine seedlings using the diffusate electroconductivity technique

    Green, L. M., & Warrington, I. J.
    [648.8 KB] (pdf).
  • Temperature and its effect on the germination and initial growth of kauri (Agathis australis)

    Barton, I. L.
    [381.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Foliage biomass of Douglas-fir in a 53-year-old plantation

    Kay, M.
    [1.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Variation in longitudinal permeability of green radiata pine wood

    Booker, R. E., & Kininmonth, J. A.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Distribution of extractives in Pinus radiata earlywood and latewood

    Lloyd, J. A.
    [537.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Predicting the impact of silvicultural treatment on the wood characteristics of Pinus radiata

    Grant, R. K.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Minimum total cost: An improved weigh scaling strategy

    Smith, V. G.
    [789.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Volume equations for the major indigenous species in New Zealand

    Ellis, J. C.
    [159.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Insect and fungal defects in red and silver beech

    Published Online - 2015. [674.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Effect of slash and soil removal on the productivity of second rotation radiata pine on a pumice soil

    Ballard, R.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Use of the Bray soil test in forestry - 1: Predicting phosphate retention capacity

    Ballard, R.
    [782.4 KB] (pdf).
  • The role of nitrogen in relation to cone production in Pinus radiata

    Sweet, G. B., & Hong, S. O.
    Published Online - 2015. [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Influence of clearfelling on decomposition of Pinus radiata litter

    Gadgil, R. L., & Gadgil, P. D.
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Recruitment, growth and survival of rimu seedlings in selectively logged terrace rimu forest

    James, I. L., & Franklin, D. A.
    Published Online - 2015. [485.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Effects of forest fertilisation on nutrient losses in streamflow in New Zealand

    Neary, D. G., & Leonard, J. H.
    [1.7 MB] (pdf).
  • Production forest fertiliser trials: information they should provide and how to get it

    Whyte, A. G. D., Mead, D. J., & Ballard, R.
    [1.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Some silvicultural effects of fertilisation

    Barker, J. E.
    [1.8 MB] (pdf).
  • Potential increase in nutrient requirements of Pinus radiata under intensified management

    Webber, B.
    [1.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Effect of first rotation phosphorus applications on fertiliser requirements of second rotation radiata pine

    [857.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Fertiliser use in established radiata pine stands in New Zealand

    Mead, D. J., & Gadgil, R. L.
    [2.8 MB] (pdf).
  • Use of fertilisers at establishment of exotic forest plantations in New Zealand

    Ballard, R.
    [3.1 MB] (pdf).
  • The nutrient content of Pinus radiata seedlings: a survey of planting stock from 17 New Zealand forest nurseries

    Knight, P. J.
    [1.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Fertiliser practice in New Zealand forest nurseries

    Knight, P. J.
    [3.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Past and projected use of fertilisers in New Zealand forests

    Ballard, R., & Will, G. M.
    [931.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Nutrient deficiencies in Pinus radiata in New Zealand

    Will, G. M.
    [953.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 1

    Bunn, E. H.
    Published Online - 2015. [128.1 KB] (pdf).