Kebony is a world leader in the modified wood market and major users of New Zealand-grown radiata pine. The company specialises in wood treated with an ecofriendly biobased solution that when applied to softwoods, such as radiata pine, modifies the wood to increase durability properties and give it a dark brown colour. This treatment makes softwoods a robust option for outdoor decks, cladding, furniture and joinery.

Scion has long been undertaking research in this area. Our technology can produce durable wood without adding colour. This gives the added benefit of being able to apply a variety of colours later in the process, which offers significant new marketing opportunities.

Scion has now partnered with Kebony who are looking to expand the colour range of their modified wood products. Together, we have begun trials at their pilot plant in Norway.

Kebony’s Chief Technology Officer, Per Brynildsen, says, “Kebony will always have a strong interest in research that can offer innovations in the field of biobased chemistry for wood enhancement, and Scion's inventions could present very interesting new features in Kebony's product offering.”

Bringing this technology to the commercial scale will create more demand for New Zealand-grown radiata pine, while opening exciting possibilities for future onshore processing in New Zealand.

New Zealand grown radiata pine is well suited to this process. It readily absorbs the formulation solution and is processed as long clear lengths of wood that are internationally sought after for appearance timber applications.

Scion is excited to continue this work with Kebony and perfecting the treatment, ready for the market.


Funders: Strategic Science Investment Fund, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Collaborators: Kebony