Ecosystems services forum 2015

FES forum

Integrating forestry in the landscape with other primary sectors was the theme behind this year’s Forest Ecosystem Services Forum, held in Wellington on 19 May. The forum considered the roles that planted forests play in other key primary sectors, such as creating a business portfolio on farms, reducing bank erosion and sedimentation, providing shade and shelter for livestock, and protecting the marine environment.

A broad section of the forestry industry was represented among the 56 attendees, as well as local and national government, research organisations and iwi.

The line-up of international and national speakers discussed a range of topics including research trends in Europe and the US, and advances in accounting for, and valuing, forest ecosystem services. An iwi perspective was also provided by Tui Warmenhoven of Ngati Porou. Ms Warmenhoven is based in the Waiapu catchment of Gisborne, an area of the country’s east coast that is considering forestry as a means to recover from the economic and social impacts of severe erosion.

Participants also shared their ideas on how best to make the most of trees for other primary industries; what the landscape could look like with more trees and how best to conceptualise this future landscape; and the value afforestation in carefully selected locations could be to New Zealand in terms of jobs, energy, landscape integrity, water quality and social well-being.

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