Carol Ann Rolando



Dr Carol Rolando specialises in developing practical methods for managing forest weeds, pests and diseases. Her work in weeds research has earned Carol recognition from the forest industry as they constantly strive to reduce herbicide use. Her current role is to lead research into chemical control methods for managing needle diseases in New Zealand.


  • PhD (Biology), University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - 2008
  • MSc (Biology), University of Natal - 2000
  • BSc (Hons) (Cell Biology), University of Natal - 1994

Research capabilities

  • Herbicides use in forest vegetation management
  • Alternative (non-chemical) vegetation management practices
  • Certification and forest management
  • Pine re-establishment
  • Biological control of weeds
  • Chemical control of insect pests and diseases of pines

Career highlights

  • Research leader, Pest Management Scion, 2011 - present
  • Winner of the FFR Award 2011 for forest weeds research: Enhancing sector value
  • Winner of the Council of Australasian Weed Science Societies: Early Career Weed Scientist Award 2011
  • Nomination of the Scion Weeds Project by the MBIE as an example of a research project delivering value to the sector
  • Research leader, Pine re-establishment 2002-2008, ICFR, South Africa

Selected papers

Rolando, C. A., Watt, M. S., & Zabkiewicz, J. A. (2011). The potential cost of environmental certification to vegetation management in plantation forests: A New Zealand case study. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 41(5), 986-993.

Rolando, C. A., Gous, S. F., Berndt, L. A., Bulman, L. S., & Carlson, C. A (2011). Stem injection of a systemic insecticide to control Uraba lugens on urban Lophostemon confertus trees. Pest Management Science, 67(9), 1062-1068.

Rolando, C. A., Gous, S. F., & Watt, M. S (2011). Preliminary screening of herbicide mixes for the control of five major weed species on certified Pinus radiata plantations in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science, 41, 165-175.

Rolando, C. A., Pammenter, N. W., & Little, K. M (2011). Critical water stress levels in Pinus patula seedlings and their relation to measures of seedling morphology. Southern Forests, 73(1), 41-49.

Watson, M. C., Watt, M. S., Withers, T. M., Kimberley, M. O., & Rolando, C. A. (2010). Potential for Cleopus japonicus to control the weed Buddleja davidii in plantation forests in New Zealand. Forest Ecology and Management, 261(1), 78-83.

Watt, M., Wang, H., Rolando, C., Zaayman, M., & Martin, K. (2010). Adsorption of the herbicide terbuthylazine across a range of New Zealand forestry soils. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 40, 1448-1457.

Rolando, C. A., & Little, K. M. (2009). Regional vegetation management standards for commercial pine plantations in South Africa. Southern Forests, 71(3), 187-199.

Little, K. M., Rolando, C. A., & Morris, C. D. (2007). An integrated analysis of 33 Eucalyptus trials linking the onset of competition-induced tree growth suppression with management, physiographic and climatic factors. Annals of Forest Science, 64(6), 585-591.