Carol Ann Rolando



Dr Carol Rolando is an applied forest scientist with expertise in forest establishment and vegetation management, biosecurity, pesticide application and invasive species management (notably wilding conifers). Having worked as a forest scientist in both South Africa and New Zealand she has diverse experience from across multiple forest systems. She currently has funding to pursue interests in wilding conifer control, native tree establishment and vegetation ecology.


  • PhD (Plant Physiology), University of Natal, South Africa - 2008
  • MSc (Biology), University of Natal, South Africa - 2001
  • BSc (Hons) (Cell Biology), University of Natal, South Africa - 1998

Research capabilities

  • Forest vegetation management
  • Invasive plant ecology and management
  • Pesticide use, application, fate
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Plant ecophysiology
  • Forest Protection

Career highlights

  • One year operational experience at the Department of Conservation managing the Plant Pathogens team and leading the Department's kauri protection and myrtle rust national programmes
  • Team member to develop Phase 2 priorities for the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge: Tools and Technologies for Border Biosecurity, 2019
  • Technical advisor, FSC Pesticides Committee, FSC International, 2016
  • Scion Excellence in Customer Engagement Award, 2014
  • FOA Award for Sector Engagement and Communication, 2014
  • Southern African Institute of Forestry Scientific Writing Award: Best paper, 2012
  • TRANZFOR Exchange Fellow: Participated in an international exchange (4 weeks) programme with Forest Research UK and Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, to facilitate effective collaboration between scientists in the EU and NZ, with focus on forest certification and pesticide use, 2012
  • Future Forests Research Innovation and Science Award, 2011
  • Council of Australasian Weed Science Travel Award for Weed Science, 2011
  • Member of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society, 2010
  • Member of New Zealand Institute of Foresters, 2010
  • Award for contributions to Weed Science: South African Weed Science Society, Joint Congress, University of Pretoria, 2000

Selected papers

Rolando, C.A., Richardson, B., Paul, T.H. and Somchit (2021). Refining tree size and dose response functions for control of invasive Pinus contorta.  Invasive Plant Science and Management.

Richardson, B., Rolando, C. and Kimberley, M.O. (2020). Quantifying spray deposition from a UAV configured for spot spray applications to individual plants. Transactions of the ASABE 63(4):1049-1058.

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