Jeremy Warnes



Jeremy Warnes is a technologist and business development manager with a focus on technologies for the manufacturing sectors. Jeremy’s specialises in bio-based materials with a particular emphasis on natural fibre composites and adhesives, and sustainable residential housing.


BSc (Hons) (Chemistry) Victoria University, NZ -1982

Research capabilities

  • Bio-based materials with a focus on natural fibre/bio-polymer composites;
  • Composite timber products and adhesives;
  • Business interface and technology commercialisation.

Career highlights

  • Scion – Business Development Manager 2011 – present. Managing commercialisation projects resulting from Scion developed IP and helping facilitate new business in the area of manufacturing and bio-based products.
  • Beacon Pathway – Research Team Leader 2005 – 2007. Setting strategy, commissioning work and managing projects for the technologies required to achieve sustainable housing in NZ.
  • Biopolymer Network – Management Committee member 2005 – 2007. Tracking work and giving input to the management of the Biopolymer Network.
  • Scion – Research Leader/Business Development Manager 2003 – 2011. Managing new thermoplastic material development, composite wood product research and commercial projects. Responsibility for obtaining new business.
  • Acting General Manager for Greenweld Technologies Ltd 1998 – 1999. Seconded role for 1 year prior to sale of company. Managed to cut raw materials costs in that time frame.
  • Technical co-ordination of the Wood Hardening process into commercial application.
  • In conjunction with Ministry of Forestry, organised the first of a series of national gluing workshops and have presented at these on-going seminars over the 6 years they have been running.
  • Forest Research representative on the Pine Manufacturers Executive Committee 2000 - 2003

Selected papers

Warnes, J M, Even, D J. (2016, December). Unlocking the potential of natural fibre reinforcement for compounders. Presented at Compounding World Forum 2016, Philadelphia, USA

Graichen, F, Grigsby, W J, Hill, S J, Raymond, L, Sanglard, M, Smith, D A, Thorlby, G, Torr, K M, Warnes, J M. (2017, November). Yes, we can make money out of lignin and other bio-based resources. Industrial Crops and Products 106, 74-85. doi:10.1016/j.indcrop.2016.10.036

Navaranjan, N; Warnes, J M; Gray-Stuart, E M; Bronlund, J E. (2015, July). Optimisation of corrugated boxes for faster freezing. NZIFST Annual Conference 2015, 30th June - 2nd July, Palmerston North Convention Centre.

Dickson, A R, Even, D J, Warnes, J M, Fernyhough, A. (2014, June). The effect of reprocessing on the mechanical properties of polypropylene reinforced with wood pulp, flax or glass fibre. Composites - Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 61, 258-267. doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2014.03.010

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