Justin Nairn


  • Phone: +64 7 343 5836
  • Mobile: +64 21 0242 2356
  • Email: Justin Nairn
  • Team: Ecology and Environment
  • Role: Team Lead, Plant Protection Physics and Chemistry


Justin Nairn is a scientist specialising in spray technologies, the physics and chemistries that govern spray efficacy for pest (herbaceous, invertebrate, fungal and bacterial) management.


  • PhD (Chemistry/Nanotechnology), University of Idaho, USA - 2006
  • MSc (Electrochemistry), Massey University, NZ - 2000
  • BSc (Zoology and Ecology), Massey University, NZ - 1998
  • DipSci (Chemistry), Massey University, NZ - 1998

Research capabilities

  • Improving spray formulations and application platforms for greater efficiency and efficacy
  • Testing UAV spray application targeting efficiency
  • Nanotech agri-chemical delivery systems
  • Non-chemical alternatives for weed control
  • Impacts of long term chemical management
  • RNA interference technology
  • New Zealand native tree silviculture.

Selected papers

Nairn JJ and Forster WA. 2017. Methods for evaluating leaf surface free energy and polarity having accounted for surface roughness. Pest Management Science. 73:1854-1865.

Nairn JJ and Forster WA. 2017. Due diligence required to quantify and visualise agrichemical spray deposits using dye tracers. Crop Protection. 115:92-98.

Nairn JJ, Forster WA and van Leeuwen RM. 2011. Quantification of physical (roughness) and chemical (dielectric constant) leaf surface properties relevant to wettability and adhesion. Pest Management Science. 67:1562-1570

Nairn, J. J., Shapiro, P. J., Williams, M., Twamley, B., Pounds, T., Wang, C., von Wandruszka, R., Fletcher, R., and Norton, M. G. Preparation of Ultrafine Chalcopyrite Nanoparticles via the Photochemical Decomposition of Molecular Single-Source Precursors, Nano Letters, 2006, 6(6), 1218-1223.