Tim Payn



Dr Tim Payn comes from a background in soil science and has specialised interest in forest nutrition management. He is heavily involved in global efforts to support sustainable forest management. Tim currently chairs the 12 Country Montreal Process Technical Advisory Committee which steers policy aimed at defining and measuring sustainable practice.


  • PhD (Forestry), University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1992.
  • BSc (Joint Honours), Soil Science and Chemistry, University College of North Wales, 1980.

Research capabilities

  • Development of Criteria and Indicators frameworks for Sustainable Forest Management
  • Forest productivity modelling within environmental frameworks
  • Forest nutritional management and development of decision support systems
  • Forests and climate change
  • Developing new ideas, research approaches, and programmes

Career highlights

the NZ Forest Owners Association Resource and Environment Committee, MAF’s Research Innovation and Technology Transfer Working Group, Future Forests Research Environment and Social theme Technical Steering Team, and the NZ Climate Change Centre Governance Group.

Selected papers

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