Yvette Dickinson



Dr Yvette Dickinson is a Silvicultural Scientist and Team Leader for Silviculture and Forest Carbon. Her work navigates the intersection of ecology and forest management, through applying forest ecology knowledge to the sustainable management of our forests for a wide variety of values, including but not limited to: carbon sequestration, aesthetics, wildlife habitat, mitigating fire hazard, conservation, and timber production. Yvette uses empirical field experiments and modelling to understand the influence of our management on stand dynamics, and the provision of ecosystem services.


  • BForSc (Hons), University of Canterbury, Christchurch - 2004
  • MSc (Hons), Environmental Science, University of Canterbury, Christchurch - 2008
  • PhD, Forest Resources, The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA - 2013

Research capabilities

  • Applied forest ecology and silviculture
  • Stand and forest dynamics
  • Stand- and landscape-scale forest structure

Career highlights

  • Visiting Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, 2021
  • Technology Transfer Publication Award, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, United States Forest Service, 2017

Selected papers

Helman, A., Kelly, M.C., Rouleau, M., and Dickinson, Y.L. (In press) Preferences for Northern Hardwood Silviculture among Family Forest Owners in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Journal of Forestry.

Hupperts, S. F., Webster, C. R., Froese, R. E., Lilleskov, E., Marcarelli, A. and Dickinson, Y.L. (2020) Increasing ground-layer plant taxonomic diversity masks declining phylogenetic diversity along a silvicultural disturbance gradient. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

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