Bioproducts for sustainable industries

Commercial bioproduct development supports the growing demand for sustainable products. Scion's expertise in developing biopolymers and biochemicals from natural resources is enabling us to develop and commercialise products that will underpin growing circular and bio-economies in New Zealand and worldwide.

100% sustainable bioadhesives

Adhesives free of petrochemicals and formaldehyde enable the manufacture of “green” plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and other engineered wood panel products. Bioadhesives made with Scion’s patented technology are trademarked Ligate.

Developing superior packaging

Packaging has to be tough to protect valuable goods, but also look good and communicate essential information about the products it contains. Scion specialises in developing coatings that add functionality to paperboard, plastic films and other packaging materials, as well as processing and material optimisation.

Woodforce wood fibre plastic composites

Wood fibres can be used to reinforce plastics to give products strength, stiffness and greater thermal stability than the plastic on its own. However, wood fibre is bulky, dusty, an explosion hazard when dry and very difficult to feed into a plastics extruder.


Stefan Hill, Portfolio Leader, Bio/Organic Chemistry