Karl Murton



Dr Karl Murton is a chemical engineer specialising in mechanical pulping technologies. He is researching the production of useful extractives from wood as part of the biorefinery process.


  • PhD (Chem & Materials Eng) University of Auckland, New Zealand - 2003
  • BE Hons (Chemical), Canterbury University, New Zealand - 1988

Research capabilities

  • Monitoring and control of extractives (resin acids, triglycerides etc) in pulpmill white-water flow loops. Reduced water use and increased closure has meant this area of research has increased in importance over recent years.
  • Mechanical pulping technologies with emphasis on the disc refiner and screening processes. Specialist areas are refining intensity and wood quality effects for TMP and MDF processing.
  • New process development.
  • Troubleshooting for both the pulp and paper and MDF industry sectors within NZ and overseas.

Selected papers

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Murton, K.D., Richardson, J.D., and Duffy, G.G. (2006) ”The defibration characteristics of primary-stage TMP– A characterisation of shives and free fibres”, In proceedings of 60th Appita Annual Conference.

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Murton, K.D., Grigsby, W. and Thumm, A. (2004) “Effect of blowline process conditions on resin distribution for medium density fibreboard (MDF) production, In proceedings of 58th Appita Annual Conference.

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Murton, K.D.,  (1998) “The effect of preheating and refining conditions on radiata pine MDF fibre quality”, In proceedings of 52nd Appita annual conference.

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