Scion joins ‘Brilliant’ to showcase its IP globally

For immediate release
4 July 2016

Scion can now promote its intellectual property on ‘Brilliant’, an online portal for innovative clean technologies established by Belgium-based, cleantech research organisation VITO.

Crown research institute Scion is one of the first international partners in ‘Brilliant’. The portal is the first of its kind, designed to connect companies with developers of innovative technologies addressing sustainable business needs.

Scion’s General Manager Bioproducts and Manufacturing Elspeth MacRae, who signed the agreement at VITO headquarters in Antwerp on 1 July, says that Scion was selected by VITO as one of the first international partners for “Brilliant”.

“We are very excited to be part of this community of innovation-driven organisations.  The portal will provide an excellent shop window to the patents and technology developments we list there and bring us closer to each other’s markets,” said Dr MacRae.

Brilliant was set up by VITO late last year to offer entrepreneurs new technologies and products developed and protected by VITO itself or in partnership with other Flemish research centres.

IP manager at VITO Nathalie Barthels said teaming up with research organisations that have an innovative mind-set and operate internationally is part of the expansion plans for the portal.

“Through Brilliant we intend to make the route from cleantech research to valuable market success as short and as linear as possible. Scion is well respected for its focus on the bio-based economy, and including Scion is an important milestone on this journey of turning knowledge into market value,” explained Ms Barthels.

The other organisation to join Brilliant is Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN), which deals with energy-related technologies and innovative solutions for sustainable energy management.

Access to the Brilliant knowledge base is through free membership, and the technology products are showcased in three categories: Platinum, Golden and Silver to suit different business needs. Platinum Innovation is aimed at early or first movers; Golden Opportunity for fast followers ready to implement or further develop a Brilliant technology; and Silver Offer for those wanting tried and tested technologies to supplement activities or boost their business.

“Joining Brilliant is a good move for Scion,” said Dr MacRae. “It will hugely increase our exposure to European markets and provide a new route to commercialisation for our bio-based products and clean technologies, such as our coatings technologies.”