International biofuels think tank meets in Rotorua

For immediate release
2 November 2016

Experts in bioenergy from 26 countries are gathering in Rotorua next week to meet on a series of topics convened by the International Energy Association (IEA).

Scion is the overall host for the IEA meetings and workshop, which run from 7-11 November and held at the Novotel Rotorua.

The workshop “Drop-in fuels for international marine and aviation markets” will explore the potential role of biofuels in these global high-energy transport markets, which are very different to road transport markets. The key differences relate to fuel grades and regulation.

The week also includes a science symposium “Next generation liquid biofuels and co-products” hosted by the New Zealand Advanced Biofuels Research Network and the Bioenergy Association. The week finishes with tours of Scion and Red Stag sawmill.

Scion’s Clean Technologies Science Leader Dr Paul Bennett says the week provides an exciting opportunity for the New Zealand and international biofuels communities to share research findings and forge new networks.

“It’s sure to be an informative and stimulating week, and we also are proud to host it in the unique setting of Rotorua,” he said.

In addition to researchers, participants include industry users, such as shipping, aviation and port operators.

Greater use of bioenergy, which is renewable energy made from sustainable resources such as trees, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce reliance on oil imports, increase energy security and grow regional economies. As the global marine and aviation sectors turn to ‘greener’ options, biofuel technologies become more attractive considerations.

This week is one step towards the evolution of biofuels for these huge international markets.

The IEA is an autonomous organisation that works to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its member countries, and focuses on energy security, economic development, environmental awareness and engagement worldwide.