Biocontrol by wasp - yes or no? Submissions are open

7 November 2018

Scion is applying to the Environmental Protection Authority (APP203631) to release the parasitoid wasp, Eadya daenerys, for biological control of the pest Eucalyptus tortoise beetle, Paropsis charybdis.

The beetle is a serious pest of Eucalyptus trees in New Zealand, threatening trees worth more than $600 million to New Zealand. Effective biological control will reduce the amount of pesticide currently used to keep the pest under control.

The application is open to submissions from members of the public until 14 November 2018.

If you think this biocontrol agent would be useful to manage this pest, please make a submission in support of the proposal by following the link on the EPA website, and use their template to prepare your submission.

Alternatively, if you have any concerns that you believe the research summarised on the EPA website link has not adequately addressed, then this is also the place, and the last chance to voice those concerns to the government.

Find out more about the extensive testing that has been done to make sure the wasps’ release will not affect our unique environment.