25 March 2020

As Scion responds to working in a Covid-19 environment our planning and preparations allow us to maintain a good level of business continuity.

Our staff are set up to continue to do as much of their work from home as possible, and we can continue to carry out research that can be done from home.

We have some essential service activities that will continue on site.

If you have any concerns about the work we are doing for you please get in touch with your normal Scion contact. Also, if you have new work you would like us to do, please make contact so that we can discuss what we can offer through our staff working from home.

If you have needs that fit the ‘essential services’ category (as defined by government) that you would like us to carry out, please get in touch with your normal contact in Scion and we will advise what we can do.

I sincerely wish you well in your own responses to dealing with Covid-19.

Kind regards

Julian Elder
Chief Executive