Scion’s new building given a name

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5 November 2020

Scion’s new three-storey building has been gifted the name ‘Te Whare Nui o Tuteata’ from mana whenua in a naming and blessing ceremony that took place on 29 October. The building name acknowledges Tuteata, the tupuna or ancestor of Ngāti Hurungaterangi, Ngāti Taeotu and Ngāti Te Kahu.

The hapū have also been integrated into the design of the building, with the triple peaks over the entry way representing the three hapū.

Veronica Butterworth hapū representative, says “The gifting of our tupuna name signifies the beginning of a special relationship which is mutually beneficial to the hapū, and to Scion”.

Scion Chief Executive Dr Julian Elder was heartened by the occasion, saying, “We are honoured that the building has been gifted a name with such mana, and we will continue to uphold the mana of Tuteata by acknowledging the distinctive history of his land and working with his people.”

The gifting of the name comes after an announcement from Rotorua Lakes Council that Long Mile Road will be re-named Tītokorangi Drive, to reflect the original name of the whenua. Te Whare Nui o Tuteata will be accessible from Tītokorangi Drive when it is opened later this year, becoming the new public entry point to Scion.

The gifting of the name and blessing ceremony was a private event attended by mana whenua representatives, and Scion’s board of directors, executive managers and key operational staff.

Te Whare Nui o Tuteata showcases the latest in engineered timber products and manufacturing techniques within its bold and innovative structural form, while using products that are designed for our climate and meet our preferences for sustainability and environmental performance. The three-level building comprises an exhibition area, public café, main reception, meeting rooms, and work spaces. It also links to laboratories and testing facilities.

The official opening of Te Whare Nui o Tuteata will take place in early 2021.


opening pic 1

From left: Scion Chief Executive Dr Julian Elder, Chair of Scion’s Board of Directors Dr Helen Andersen, and mana whenua representatives Veronica Butterworth and Hokimate Kahukiwa.

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