Scion Connect - Issue 6

17 October 2023

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We're excited to share our recent triumph with the Endeavour Fund, where we secured $10.85 million over five years to enhance New Zealand's biosecurity efforts against aerial pests. Our dedicated researchers at Scion are hard at work, developing an innovative Aerobiological Surveillance and Prediction System to effectively manage the influx of insect and pathogen pests carried by wind.

In the media spotlight, our work has gained attention both on the airwaves and in print and online publications. Our biodegradable vine clips, which promote sustainability in vineyards, have gained global recognition and are in demand among winegrowers. Meet Robo-Kiwi, a groundbreaking tool created in collaboration with students from the University of Canterbury, designed to protect our cherished kiwi birds by deterring uncontrolled dogs. And discover how bark briquettes were successfully trialed to power the 132-year-old steam tram no.100, which is traditionally fueled by coal.

In Tairāwhiti Gisborne, we joined forces with community leaders and industry partners for a Forest to Value design sprint in collaboration with Callaghan Innovation. This initiative brought together diverse minds to engage in design thinking and generate innovative solutions for the forestry residue problem. It's a prime example of organisations coming together to find solutions that benefit the environment, society, and the economy in Tairāwhiti.

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