Scion Connections Issue 44 out now

12 December 2023

Scion Connections is out now, celebrating the achievements that are possible when we work together in partnership and collaboration. Across 53 pages, explore 22 impactful stories that illustrate the significant strides made through collective work.

Our cover story proudly highlights our commitment to moving away from fossil fuels and petrochemical resources towards a circular economy. "The Future is Based in Biology" showcases our biotechnology research and shows how Scion is leading the way for New Zealand, driving initiatives to address some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges.

Explore the innovative technique of somatic embryogenesis in "Tissue Culture for the 21st Century”, as we redefine tree propagation by growing plant cells in a petri dish, offering a glimpse into the future of forestry.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Scion scientists, collaborating with researchers from New Zealand and beyond, have successfully generated fire whirls on slash piles near Twizel—a world first. This research sheds light on the dangerous fire vortices that pose a significant threat to firefighters globally, providing crucial insights for enhanced safety measures.

Enjoy these stories and more by grabbing a copy from Scion’s reception or read online.

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