Scion contributes to GM discussions

20 February 2023

Genetic technologies will impact on modern society and New Zealand. Glenn Thorlby and Alec Foster of Scion have recently contributed to an informative publication, WELL_NZ: Modern Genetic Technology. This document delves into the rapid advancements and changes in genetic technology, as well as the potential impact of these technologies in the context of environmental and climate challenges for food and fibre in the coming decades.

Public perceptions on genetic technology, local and international regulations, and current applications of the technologies are all discussed in the document. Scion provided technical advice, including a number of referenced contributions that includes the role of genetically modified microorganisms, and Scion data from an independent survey gauging public understanding and opinions on genetic technologies.

This publication is brought to you by Te Puna Whakaaronui, New Zealand's independent food and fibre think tank established to support the Fit for a Better World Roadmap to transform the food and fibre sectors.

As Alec Foster states, " An informed discussion on GM is key to the future of New Zealand and its bioeconomy, given the increasing role of biotechnology in the worldwide economy.”

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the exciting advancements and potential of genetic technologies.

Check out WELL_NZ: Modern Genetic Technology - What it is and How it is Regulated


Glenn Thorlby, Scientist, Quantitative Genomics
Alec Foster, Portfolio Leader, Sustainable Materials