New General Manager Science Services appointed

8 March 2024

Scion is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Joo Le Guen to the position of General Manager Science Services, effective 11 March.

Marie-Joo first started at Scion in 2006 as a biomaterial student under the mentorship of Roger Newman. Since then, Marie-Joo has played a critical role in significant projects including the development of 3D printed molecularly imprinted polymers and the pioneering commercialisation of New Zealand's first indigenous biorefinery in collaboration with Agrisea.

Beyond her scientific contributions, Marie-Joo has also excelled in leadership roles. She served as the first Research Group Leader for the Materials Engineering and Manufacturing team, took on the role of acting Research Group Leader for the Data and Geospatial Intelligence Group, and held the position of acting Portfolio Leader for the New Value Digital Forests and Wood Sector in Impact Area 2. These experiences have fine-tuned her managerial acumen and prepared her well for this exciting and challenging new role at Scion.

Marie-Joo Le Guen