Packaging design and development

Packaging has to be tough to protect valuable goods, but also look good and communicate essential information about the products it contains.
Scion works with packaging companies, manufacturers and exporters to optimise existing packaging products and to develop sustainable packaging for the future that also reinforces brand stories through design and materials.

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Optimising paper-based packaging

Improving and optimising design of paperboard boxes, packaging materials and surface treatments on a commercial scale can be challenging and expensive. We focus on accelerating the process through:

We have a range of lab-scale printers and coaters and a commercial scale flexographic printer that are available for use.

Towards sustainable packaging

Reduced product loss, better recyclability and increasing use of bio-based materials all contribute to increased packaging sustainability. Our research and development focusses on

Watch a video on biodegradation and compostability testing [YouTube]

Testing and development capabilities

The specialised resources and testing services available for use include:.


Kate Parker, Team Lead, Sustainable Materials