Wood fibre plastic composites

Scion uses wood fibre to reinforce plastics and produce products that are stronger, stiffer and have greater thermal stability than the plastic on its own. However, wood fibre is bulky, dusty, an explosion hazard when dry and very difficult to feed into a plastics extruder.

Wood fibre dice

Our technology uses MDF plants and polymer chemistry to make wood fibre-rich dice that can be used in typical extrusion operations. The technology is patented.

Wood fibre dice composites can be extruded at a rate similar to that of glass-reinforced polymers and nearly twice as fast as other natural fibres. Wood fibre plastics can also be repeatedly recycled without significant loss of functionality.

Wood fibre plastic composites:

  • Deliver increased performance: lightweight, strength, stiffness, dimensional and thermal stability allowing reduced use of resources
  • Are safe and easy to use: reduced wear/replacement of machinery, increased production speed, reduced health and safety risk to those handling it
  • Are sustainable and produced from a renewable resource, recyclable, and meet legislative end-of-life requirements
  • Cost less than competitive fibres, have security of supply and an established supply chain
  • Support the worldwide demand to reduce carbon emissions and petrochemical usage

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Sonae Industria licensed the technology from Scion and opened the market in Europe under the brand of Woodforce.

We have worked with Sonae and clients to improve the technology and processing. Several plastic compounder suppliers now have product lines based on Woodforce.

Opportunities for Woodforce dice in Australasia and Asia have not been licensed in anticipation of a local company taking the lead and benefit.


Jeremy Warnes, Business Development Manager