NZJFS - Volume 31 (2001)

  • Establishment of nitrogen-fixing plants from seed on partially stabilised coastal sand.

    Gadgil, R. L., Douglas, G. B., Ede, F. J., Beeser, H. F., & Foote, A. G.
    [403.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Liberalisation of forest product trade and the New Zealand forest sector, 2000-2015: A global modelling approach

    Turner, J. A., Buongiorno, J., Horgan, G. P., & Maplesden, F. M.
    [89.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Converting stem volume to biomass with additivity, bias correction, and confidence bands for two Australian tree species

    Bi, H., Birk, E., Turner, J., Lambert, M., & Jurskis, V.
    [2.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Storage alternatives affect fuelwood properties of Norway spruce logging residues

    Nurmi, J., & Hillebrand, K.
    [834.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Heat treatments for control of huhu beetle (Prionoplus reticularis) larvae in logs

    Dentener, P. R., Lewthwaite, S. E., Rogers, D. J., Meier, X., Whiting, D. C., & McDonald, R. M.
    Published Online - 2015. [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Potential of dairy products and integrated systems for in-forest applications to protect Pinus radiata from fungal degrade.

    Kreber, B., Chittenden, C., Eden, D., Wakeling, R., & van der Waals, J.
    [567.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Use of phyllotaxis to predict arrangement and size of branches in Pinus radiata

    Pont, D
    [1015.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Modelling the growth and interactions of young Pinus radiata with some important weed species

    Kimberley, M. O., & Richardson, B.
    [628.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Analysis of plant canopy structure to predict herbicide spray interception.

    Richardson, B., & Newton, M.
    [607.6 KB] (pdf).
  • Relative windfirmness of New Zealand-grown Pinus radiata and Douglas-fir: A preliminary investigation

    Moore, J., & Gardiner, B.
    [939.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Fungi silvicolae Novazelandiae: 3.

    Gadgil, P. D., & Dick, M. A.
    [714.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Changes in soil physical properties after irrigation of two forested soils with municipal wastewater.

    Magesan, G. N.
    [449.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Soil chemical properties and forest floor nutrients under repeated prescribed burning in eucalypt forests of south-east Queensland, Australia

    Guinto, D. F., Xu, Z. H., House, A. P. N., & Saffigna, P.
    [2.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Comparative mineral nutrition of Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides and N. menziesii

    Sun, O. J., Sweet, G. B., & Davis, M.
    [869.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Wood stiffness and bending strength in relation to density in four native provenances of Pinus radiata.

    Burdon, R. D., Britton, R. A. J., & Walford, G. B.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Timber conversions and value from pruned logs for split-taper and no-taper sawing methods

    Todoroki, C. L., & Budianto, M.
    [556.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Sensitivity analysis of log and branch characteristics influencing sawn timber grade

    Todoroki, C. L., West, G. G., & Knowles, R. L.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Wood densitometry of 10 Pinus radiata families at seven contrasting sites: Influence of tree age, site, and genotype.

    Cown, D. J., & Ball, R. D.
    [699.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Heritability of internal checking in Pinus radiata - Evidence and preliminary estimates.

    Ball, R. D., McConchie, M., & Cown, D. J.
    [638.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Lymantria monacha (nun moth) and L. dispar (gypsy moth) survival and development on improved Pinus radiata.

    Withers, T. M., & Keena, M. A.
    [851.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Estimation of soil hydraulic parameters to simulate water flux in volcanic soils

    Alavi, G., & Tomer, M. D.
    [1.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Magnesium fertilisers affected growth, upper mid-crown yellowing, and foliar nutrients of Pinus radiata, and soil magnesium concentration

    Olykan, S., Payn, T., Beets, P., & Kimberley, M.
    [123.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Determining fertiliser requirements for the establishment of pines and Douglas-Fir in the South Island high-country.

    Davis, M., Ledgard, N., & Nordmeyer, A.
    [1017.8 KB] (pdf).
  • Soil properties under pine forest and pasture at two hill country sites in Canterbury

    Davis, M.
    [996.1 KB] (pdf).