Warren ParkerI am delighted to welcome you to this first edition of Scion’s quarterly newsletter. Scion Connections encapsulates the intent of this publication – to strengthen relationships and communication with the forest industry and the central and local government agencies we work with. Through this forum we want to share with you the latest developments in Scion science and technology. Just as importantly we want to provide a means for you to establish contact with Scion staff and provide feedback on how we can improve the value of the research we do.

Strong relationships with forest industry, iwi partners, government and other key stakeholders are essential if we are to successfully fulfil our Statement of Core Purpose which is: “to drive innovation and growth from New Zealand’s forestry, wood product and wood-derived material and other biomaterial sectors, to create economic value and contribute to beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand”.

We greatly valued the input from more than 80 of you during the first half of this calendar year to help shape our 2011-16 Statement of Corporate Intent and define the focus areas for Scion’s future science and innovation.  These are to:

1.    Maximise the value and productivity of commercial forestry.
2.    Improve the competitiveness of the solid wood processing industry.
3.    Expand opportunities in the wood pulp and fibre, biopolymer and biochemical industries.
4.    Improve New Zealand’s preparedness for biosecurity incursions, fire and climate change.
5.    Ensure the New Zealand forest industry’s licence to operate domestically and internationally and enhance environmental performance.
6.    Increase New Zealand’s energy security through the expanded utilisation of forest biomass for energy.

You also told us our brand could be more encompassing and inclusive of the forest industry. In July, in response to this, we launched Scion’s new tagline -forests.products.innovation - to convey more clearly what we do and signal that our work to solve problems and add value through innovation spans the forest industry value chain.

Please enjoy this first edition of Scion Connections. I hope it helps to better connect you with what is going on at Scion. Feedback on any of the stories in this issue and how we can improve our communication with you will be welcomed.

Warren Parker
Chief Executive