HTHF News and events



The ‘Healthy trees, healthy future’ hosted a range of events as a means of engaging with industry groups and members of the community.

The HTHF team presented research updates and results at the NZ Plant Protection Society Symposium – Phytophthora. Monday 12th August 2019. Stamford Plaza, Auckland.

Enabling technologies to combat Phytophthora diseases
21-23 August 2018,  Rotorua

8th IUFRO Working Party 7.02.09 Meeting on Phytophthora in Forests and Woodlands Meeting
19-25th March 2017, Vietnam

Phytophthora Hyphal Network Workshop
Monday 4 April 2016, Scion, Rotorua
Presentation by visiting Professor Everett Hansen.
On Monday 11th May 2015, Professor Hansen gave a presentation on: Lessons learnt from the management of Phytophthora diseases in North America and beyond.

Kauri Dieback Symposium 2015 – Over 90 participants from a cross section of the community got together in Hokianga last month to discuss the latest research and management efforts in the fight against kauri dieback. Phil Wilcox, Peter Scott/Echo Herewini, Rebecca McDougal, Maj Padamsee (Landcare, HTHF) and Nari Williams all presented work relating to the HTHF programme. Ian Horner (PFR, HTHF) presented his work on the use of phosphite to control kauri dieback. This event was the initiative of the HTHF research team with Peter Scott, Phil Wilcox, Nari Williams, Ian Horner and Stan Bellgard all on the organising committee along with Greg Steward (Scion), Debbie Caterer and Lynn McILveen (MPI/KDP).

Kauri Dieback Symposium 2013
See video presentations by HTHF team members at the Kauri Dieback Symposium 2013
Peter Scott (Scion)
Nari Williams (Scion)
Greg Steward (Scion)
Ian Horner (PFR)
Stanley Belgard (Landcare)
Giles Hardy (CPSM/ HTHF Collaborator, Australia)