Domestication of radiata pine

Emeritus Scientist Rowland Burdon has been collaborating for a number of years on a book covering the history and technical issues of domesticating radiata pine. The draft copy is now available at the website below as open-access, in pdf format for printing. Accompanying the draft material is a covering message expanding on this announcement and calling for feedback on the material.

Domestication of Radiata Pine is co-authored by Bill Libby, Professor Emeritus, Forestry and Genetics at University of California, and Alan Brown, formerly Chief, CSIRO Division of Forestry in Canberra.



Domestication of radiata pine coverSince this announcement in September 2016, the book “Domestication of Radiata Pine” has been published.

The book was published by Springer International Publishing as Forestry Sciences Volume 83, January 2018. 

Authors: Rowland Burdon, William Libby and Alan Brown
XXXV, 480 pages, ISBN 978-3-319-65017-3

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