Scion offers consultancy services in New Zealand and overseas. We have:

  • Scientists who are world-leaders across sustainable forest management and tree improvement, forestry biosecurity, forest ecosystems, wood-processing, wood-related bioenergy, waste streams and biomaterials
  • A range of technical services, specialist facilities, and state-of the-art technology
  • Highly trained support staff
  • Professional contract managers and quality assurance systems.

Scion also employs specialists in areas such as business development, technology commercialisation, value-chain optimisation and funding and investment.

Our strength is being able to create truly multi-disciplinary teams. We find the best people to meet client needs, drawing from both ‘in-house’ talent and our national and international networks.

As our client, we work to your commercial time frames and will pull together the right combination of people, technologies, equipment and expertise to meet your requirements.

We can offer:

  • One-on-one confidential consultancy on a particular problem or problems. These often include site visits, specialist analysis and reporting.
  • Strategic multi-party alliances to address sector-based challenges and innovative opportunities
  • Industry placement. A Scion scientist or technical expert will work at your company – often for a number of weeks. This allows the Scion staff member to work on short- to medium-term projects, often bringing specialist knowledge and equipment to complete a task.
  • Tailored contractual relationships to individual client needs.

Research and development

Research projects may extend for several months to several years. They can be for commercial clients and for the public good. Sometimes this research addresses knowledge gaps that benefits the broader scientific community or tackles an industry-wide problem or opportunity.

We tailor R&D relationships to meet your needs. These arrangements may include: one-on-one confidential research projects, joint technology development partnerships with shared risk and reward, or strategic multi-party alliances to address sector-based challenges and innovation opportunities. Often this research includes access to or development of novel IP. This research may be for a one-off project or could be a multi-year partnership.

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