NZJFS - Volume 16 (1986)

  • Advantages of clonal forestry for Pinus radiata real or imagined?

    M. J. Carson
    [1.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Computer system to assist with management of a tissue culture laboratory

    L. J. Wolf and V. J. Hartney
    [1001.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Culture of Pinus radiata embryos with reference to artificial seed production

    R. D. Teasdale and P. A. Buxton
    [468.8 KB] (pdf).
  • Generation of a sustainable Pinus radiata cell suspension culture and studies of cellular nitrogen nutrition

    R. D. Teasdale
    [1.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Growth parameters of cell suspension cultures of Pseudotsuga menziesii and effects of nitrogen sources on growth

    M. S. Lee and E. G. Kirby
    [797.0 KB] (pdf).
  • Growth differentiation and ultrastructure of microspore callus of Picea abies as affected by nitrogenous supplements and light

    L. K. Simola and O. Huhtinen
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Field performance of micropropagated Douglas fir

    G. A. Ritchie and A. J. Long
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Induction of vitrification in Picea stichensis cultures

    A. John and D. J. Pearson
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Sequoia sempervirens as an in vitro rejuvenation model

    Y. Fouret, Y. Arnaud, C. Larrieu and E. Miginiac. (1986)
    [777.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Initiation elongation and remultiplication of Larix decidua micropropagules

    A. M. Diner, A. Strickler and D. F. Karnosky
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Influence of nutrient medium upon shoot initiation on vegetative explants excised from 15 to 18-year-old Picea glauca

    G. H. Mohammed, D. I. Dunstan and T. A. Thorpe
    [778.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Plantlet formation in black and white spruce III. Histological analysis of in vitro root formation and the root-shoot union

    K. R. Patel, C. Rumary and T. A. Thorpe
    [950.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Seed weight and in vitro bud induction potential in Pseudotsuga menziesii cotyledons cultured in vitro

    M. AboEl-Nil and Z. S. Wochok
    [525.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Shoot production and elongation on explants from vegetative buds excised from 17 to 20-year-old Pseudotsuga menziesii

    D. I. Dunstan, G. H. Mohammed and T. A. Thorpe
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Comparative morpho-histological studies on the sites of shoot initiation in various conifer explants

    T. A. Thorpe and K. R. Patel
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Guest Editorial.

    Smith, D. R.
    Published Online - 2015. [140.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Corrigendum for Wingate-Hill, R. & Cunningham, R. B. 1986: Moisture removal from green sapwood during platen pressing.

    Wingate-Hill, R., & Cunningham, R. B.
    Published Online - 2015. [792.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Letter to the editor: Co-operative research reports.

    Mead, D. J.
    Published Online - 2015. [91.3 KB] (pdf).
  • Book review - Cihlar, J. (Ed.) 1986: The use of LANDSAT data in forestry.

    Firth, J. G.
    Published Online - 2015. [86.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Pretreatments to hasten the drying of Nothofagus fusca

    A. N. Haslett and J. A. Kininmonth
    [984.6 KB] (pdf).
  • Compression rolling and hot-water soaking: effects on the drying and treatability of Nothofagus fusca heartwood

    H. Günzerodt, J. C. F. Walker and K. Whybrew
    [1.6 MB] (pdf).
  • Confined and unconfined radial compression perpendicular to the grain of green sapwood from Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus regnans

    R. Wingate-Hill and R. B. Cunningham
    [856.4 KB] (pdf).
  • Stress-grades for Pinus radiata plywood from basic density and knot ratio

    H. Bier
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Computermatic timber-grading machine - laboratory evaluation of performance with respect to feed speed and the dynamic/static deflection relationship

    D. J. Grant
    [754.2 KB] (pdf).
  • Log quality and the strength and stiffness of structural timber

    H. Bier
    [904.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Intra-annual growth of young Pinus radiata in New Zealand

    R. B. Tennent
    [749.8 KB] (pdf).
  • Growth and nutrition of Pinus radiata on rhyolitic tephra as affected by magnesium fertiliser

    I. R. Hunter, J. M. Prince, J. D. Graham and G. M. Nicholson
    [1.5 MB] (pdf).
  • Selection of Eucalyptus species for soil conservation planting in seasonally dry hill country

    R. L. Hathaway and M. King
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • Growth of naturally regenerated Beilschmiedia tawa and podocarps in unlogged and selectively logged podocarp/ tawa forest, Pureora

    M. C. Smale and M. O. Kimberley
    [1.0 MB] (pdf).
  • Letter to the editor: Terrace rimu forest - reply.

    Mead, D. J., & James, I. L.
    Published Online - 2015. [53.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Letter to the editor: Terrace rimu forest.

    Chavasse, C. G. R.
    Published Online - 2015. [128.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Book review - Leary, R.A. 1985: Interaction theory in forest ecology and management.

    Madgwick, H. A. I.
    Published Online - 2015. [100.1 KB] (pdf).
  • Between-tree variation in lignin concentration in Pinus radiata tracheids with growth stem eccentricity site and silvicultural treatment

    L. A. Donaldson
    [525.7 KB] (pdf).
  • Moisture removal from green sapwood during platen pressing

    R. Wingate-Hill and R. B. Cunningham
    [1.3 MB] (pdf).
  • Slicing study of pruned Pinus radiata logs

    A. Somerville and T. K. Gosnell
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Retention of spray on bracken pinnae: effect of application volume and formulation

    B. Richardson, J. Ray and A. Vanner
    [825.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Seasonal development of a young plantation of Eucalyptus nitens

    D. J. Frederick, H. A. I. Madgwick, M. F. Jurgensen and G. R. Oliver
    [852.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Soil development under Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus regnans plantations

    M. F. Jurgensen, D. J. Frederick, H. A. I. Madgwick and G. R. Oliver
    [982.5 KB] (pdf).
  • Growth decline and phosporus response by Douglas fir on a degraded high country yellow-brown earth

    M. C. Belton and M. R. Davis
    [1.4 MB] (pdf).
  • Changes in Pinus radiata stem form in response to nitrogen and phosphorus fertiliser

    A. Gordon and J. D. Graham
    [1.2 MB] (pdf).
  • What site factors determine the 4-year basal area response of Pinus radiata to nitrogen fertiliser

    I. R. Hunter, J. D. Graham, J. M. Prince and G. M. Nicholson
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
  • Growth response of Pinus radiata to fertiliser and herbicide treatment in a clearfelled logged and a clearfelled logged and burned Nothofagus forest

    M. J. Phillips and K. M. Goh
    [992.9 KB] (pdf).
  • Growth of Pinus radiata on ripped and unripped Taupo pumice soil

    E. G. Mason and A. W. J. Cullen
    [2.3 MB] (pdf).