Upcoming Events

Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future conference

24-25 March, Hagley Oval Pavilion, Christchurch

This second annual conference will present results on recent advances in forest productivity research in New Zealand, new contributions to the sustainability of the forest industry, and new insights into the place of forestry in the primary sector economy of New Zealand. Keynotes by national and international speakers will include: Advances in Productivity Research in the Pacific North-West, International Trends in Water and Forest Research, and Integrated Land Management.

Associated meetings and workshops:
Phenotyping innovation cluster meeting. 23 March
Swiss needle cast workshop. 26 March, University of Canterbury Dovedale Campus, Christchurch

Programme and registration: www.gcff.nz

No milling around: EPDs for the NZ wood industry

10am – 3pm, 26 March. Rimu Room Scion, Rotorua.
Cost $30 (includes morning tea and lunch)

Growing global expectations for building products to now have credible environmental product declarations (EPDs) is placing increasing pressure on the New Zealand wood industry to act. This workshop will look at what will be required to respond and outline the business case for an industry-wide approach for producing EPDs of New Zealand wood products.

NZ Industrial Biotech Symposium

30-31 March, Rotorua.

The global rise of industrial biotechnology reflects an increasing shift away from using fossil fuels, man-made chemicals and non-renewable materials. New Zealand is well known for an abundance of renewable feedstocks and technologies for producing bioproducts. Targeting non-pharma, non-fuel biomaterials, the symposium will focus on bioproducts derived from renewable feedstocks and bioproducts produced through a biological process. Hosted by NZBIO and Scion, the symposium features high calibre New Zealand and international speakers and thought leaders.

NZ Wood: 2015 Resene Timber Design Awards

Scion is proud to be sponsoring a new category in these annual awards: Novel Application of Wood Award – for using a new wood product or system in a manner that characterises its unique features via an innovative application of design technology. This category is open to entries from any sector and will be judged on materials selected, innovation, aesthetics and environmental sustainability. Entries open from 17 March. www.nzwood.co.nz