Treating timber in leaky buildings

leaky buildings

Novel research and technical advice from Scion’s wood preservation team contributed to the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) publication, “Dealing with timber in leaky buildings”. This guide was prepared for builders and building professionals. 

The team, led by Dr Tripti Singh, evaluated treatments for partially degraded framing to alleviate the necessity of fully replacing wood when repairing leaky buildings. Research showed a double coating of boron-glycol was effective in limiting the spread of early stages of decay, provided the preservative was applied to at least three faces of the timber. Further research showed that for situations where three faces cannot be accessed, a combination of two coats combined with an injection of boron-glycol into holes between the studs was recommended.

The DBH guide, published in June 2012, provides practical advice on decayed timber, including on-site treatment. The latest version is available on the DBH website