Bioplastics and Biocomposites – Innovative building blocks of the emerging bioeconomy

Start Date
Feb 14, 2019
14 February 2019 in Rotorua, New Zealand, Scion – Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park

Scion hosted this one-day bioplastics and biocomposites networking event, as part of a travelling conference that also visited Australia and China. Brought to New Zealand by the German Ministry for Education and Research, speakers from key German and New Zealand bioeconomy research organisations addressed circular-bioeconomy concepts.

Presentations and related documents

Read a report on the day's proceedings

Welcome and partner presentation

External Programme


Introduction to bioplastics and biocomposites - Marco Neudecker

Wood fibre reinforced composites: A commercial overview and Scion's Woodforce - Jeremy Warnes

Thermosetting biocomposites - Ole Hansen

Bioplastics and biocomposites in 3D printing - Marie-Joo LeGuen

Recycling of biopolymers - Julian Rickert

Microplastics - Kate Parker

Biodegradability - Carmen Arndt

Compostability - Lou Sherman

Sustainability - Sebastian Spierling

Te Ōhanga - Circular BioEconomy Hub - Arron Judson

Bioeconomy policy in Europe, Germany and New Zealand - Venkateshwaran Venkatachalam, Julian Rickert, Elspeth MacRae

Industry session

Bioplastics and biocomposites - Innovative building blocks of the emerging bioeconomy - René Bethmann

Bioplastics in New Zealand - Dawn A. Smith