Scion joins Bio-Protection Research Centre

Media Release
- for immediate release
The Bio-Protection Research Centre (BPRC) is pleased to announce that the Crown Research Institute Scion has become a partner in the Centre.

Scion has become the fifth full partner in the Centre, joining AgResearch, Lincoln University, Massey University and Plant & Food Research; thereby making the BPRC the only research centre to integrate all of the Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) associated with New Zealand’s primary industries.

”Scion’s entomologists and pathologists have worked with researchers from the Centre on forest biosecurity issues for a number of years. We are delighted that those collaborations have now progressed to the ultimate outcome of Scion becoming a formal partner in the Centre”, said Scion CEO Dr Warren Parker.

Bioprotection research aims to protect New Zealand ecosystems by exploring innovative, natural and sustainable ways of combating plant pests, diseases and weeds. The Centre facilitates large, multidisciplinary research teams across the partner institutes for research that has benefits for plant-based industries (pastoral, arable, horticulture and forestry) and the environment.

BPRC and Scion researchers will join forces on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment funded Prosperity from trees programme. This research programme, led by Scion, unites researchers across New Zealand to protect our trees from diseases caused by the microorganism Phytophthora, such as kauri dieback disease.

Scion brings expertise in forestry and state of the art facilities in areas such as microbial production and biochemistry to the Centre.