Scion welcomes Taskforce findings

04 March 2010

Crown Research Institute Scion welcomes the positive and constructive report of the Crown Research Institute Taskforce – “How to enhance the value of New Zealand’s Investment in Crown Research Institutes.”

Dr Russ Ballard, Chairman of the Scion Board, says the Report recognises the unique and distinctive role Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) play in delivering substantial benefits to New Zealand’s economic, environmental and social wellbeing.

“The Report focuses on increased mechanisms for Boards and management of CRIs to make decisions, create economic benefit and be held accountable for outcomes. We welcome this focus on accountability and the opportunity it will provide to deliver our strategies. Scion continues to be a key collaborator in innovation, nationally and internationally,” he says.

Scion chief executive Dr Tom Richardson says that the report is a great start. “It has a strong focus on ensuring that the purpose of CRIs, and expectations of CRIs in terms of working with our sectors and delivering substantial benefits to New Zealand, is well understood,” he says.

Dr Richardson also says that the Report highlights that the current funding arrangements for CRIs do not allow CRIs to perform as well as they could. “The recommendations to reconfigure funding will help CRIs contribute more effectively to New Zealand’s future growth and wellbeing by enabling our talented people to focus on doing science and transferring our ideas, insights and technologies for national benefit,” he says.

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