Stump to pump

The possibility of being able to power vehicles from sustainably grown biofuels has taken a step closer with the recent investment by Government and industry into determining the feasibility of transforming wood processing residue into liquid biofuels.

Co-funding by MPI and industry partners Norske Skög and Z Energy will see $13.5 million invested in the first phase of the ‘Stump to Pump’ programme to assess the potential for creating biofuels from woody biomass. The funding will be used by the partners over the next 14 months to assess the technical and financial feasibility of the transformation process and determine the commercial viability of establishing a modular test plant. 

Stump to Pump is the most significant biofuels initiative in New Zealand's history. It aims to create new high-value markets for forestry and wood processing residuals. If this technology can be commercialised, the estimated economic benefit for New Zealand over the next 20–25 years is an annual increase in GDP of up to $1 billion and the creation of 1,200 direct jobs.

Scion has been sub-contracted to provide research and technology expertise for the Stump to Pump feasibility assessment.