Forest Ecosystem Services Forum 2020

Start Date
Dec 1, 2020 8:30 am
End Date
Dec 1, 2020 4:00 pm
7 hours and 30 minutes


"Planted forests, climate change, water and people connections"

The programme, presentations from the workshop and videos are available to download below:

Fes 2020 programme

Photos and Bios of Speakers and Presenters

Hemi Rolleston - Mihi whakatau (Maori welcome) - video

Dr Tara Strand - Welcome and opening remarksvideo

Session 1: International perspectives – Chaired by Dr Tim Payn, Scion

Professor Meine van Noordwijk - Climate-Forest-Water-People relations from tree to earth system scales - video & video Q&A

Professor Irena Creed - Homogenisation of terrestrial water cycle jeopardizes planetary resilience - videovideo Q&A

Dr Gregory Valatin -  Woodlands for water payments for ecosystem services schemes - video

Session 2: New Zealand national perspectives – Chaired by Dr Peter Clinton, Scion - video

Tina Porou - Giving effect to the contribution of Maori lands to Ecosystem Services - video

Alison Collins - Ministry for the Environment perspective - video

Debbie Ward - Forestry New Zealand’s perspective and priorities - video

Professor Alan Renwick - Land use, climate change, water and people connections: an academic perspective - video

Steve Carden - Pamu Farms of New Zealand perspective - video

Sally Strang - A forest manager's perspective - video

Session 2: Panel discussion - video

Session 3: Research and regional perspectives – Chaired by Dr Richard Yao, Scion - video

Dr MS Srinivasan - Data to information to impact: Co-learning from end-user engagements - video

Blair Dickie - Waikato Regional Council perspective - video

Dean Satchell - Northland Regional Council perspective on afforestation to control hill country erosion - video

Session 3: Panel discussion - video

Session 4: Forest ecosystem services forum – Moderator: Claire Stewart

FES Forum 2020 - Claire Stewart and team: Reflection and future focus of ecosystem services in New Zealand - video

Dr Peter Clinton: Synthesis and where to next - video

Hemi Rolleston: Karakia whakamutanga (Maori close) - video