Resilient Forests Conference 2023

Start Date
Jun 13, 2023
End Date
Jun 14, 2023
2 days

Scion's Resilient Forests Research Programme Conference 
13-14 June 2023

The Resilient Forests Research Programme Conference was held on 13th June 2023 at Scion, Rotorua and the Field Day on 14th June 2023 at Kinleith Forest.

The purpose of the conference was to inform an industry audience of our science highlights, both in terms of our discoveries but also what these will mean in the future for the industry. Day 1 featured conference presentations and a networking session with an invited speaker who addressed the role of resilient forests for New Zealand’s future. On Day 2 we headed out on a field trip to visit research sites in Kinleith Forest.

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Presentations from the conference are available below:

S1.2 Resilient Forests Research Programme: An uncertain future becomes an uncertain world - Peter Clinton

S1.3 Towards a responsible forestry sector – an initial review  of the sustainability activities of New Zealand Forest  growing companies - Grace Villamor

S2.1 Predicting product performance: Recent progress - Jonathan Harrington

S2.2 Backpack mobile laser scanning - progress towards autonomous mensuration and phenotyping - Robin Hartley

S2.3 Uncovering the radiata pine microbiome: A key to resilient forests? - Kathryn Walker

S2.4 Impact of red needle cast on tree growth - David Lane

S3.1 Red needle cast epidemiology - Emily McLay

S3.2 Control options for pine needle diseases - Stuart Fraser

S3.3 Advancing forest simulation through individual tree models - Yvette Dickinson

S3.4 The accelerator trials: what have we learnt over the last eight years? - Simeon Smaill

S4.1 Autonomous forest health monitoring - Grant Pearse

S4.2 Automatic mapping of red needle cast using satellite imagery - Nicolo Camarreta

S4.3 Application of a process-based model to support management for 'resilience' under rapid change - Don White