Packaging design with science and technology

Elspeth MacRaeScion’s General Manager Manufacturing and Bioproducts, Dr Elspeth MacRae (right), was recently appointed to the Executive Committee of the Packaging Council of New Zealand (PAC.NZ).

“It’s exciting for Scion to be part of the packaging industry and helping implement the Council’s strategy for the future,” says Elspeth. “In return, our involvement will help position the industry in other areas of benefit such as the National Science Challenges, the Virtual Centre for Food Safety and our global research networks.”

The Packaging Council plays an active role in supporting New Zealand’s packaging industry from raw material suppliers to manufacturers and service providers. It also promotes the sustainable management of packaging to ensure minimal waste and the ‘reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery’ of all packaging products.

As Elspeth says, “Creative packaging is as much about product appeal as it is about functionality and ensuring a product reaches the consumer in the best possible condition. A lot of design, research, science and technology goes into developing packaging that both looks good and protects the product inside, as well as having good end-of-life options.

“The research we do here at Scion on product development and performance testing on paperboard and plastic packaging, and other biopolymer and wood composite materials will underpin the Council’s advocacy of the packaging industry.”