Forest Ecosystem Services Forum 2019

Start Date
2nd Sep 2019
End Date
2nd Sep 2019
1 day


"Forest Ecosystem Services in Oceania - progress in research, policy and decision making"

was held in Christchurch, New Zealand on 2 September 2019

This year the FES Forum is part of the Oceania ACES - a Community on Ecosystem Services held in Christchurch on 2-6 September 2019.

Presentations and workshop programme are available as PDF files below.. 

FES Forum workshop blurb and programme 

Whakatau (Maori welcome) Waita

Peter Clinton - Scion’s vision for Ecosystem Services Research (FES) research (01)

Robert Deal - Integrating forest ecosystem services into national polices and programs in the USA: implications for global inter-generational wellbeing  

Betty Camilus - Ecosystem Services contribution to human well-being through Protected Area Management 

Richard Yao and Sandra Velarde - FES in New Zealand – current and future research (04)

Carl Obst - FES in Australia – ecosystem accounting 

Bindiya Rashni - FES in the Pacific Islands – ridge to reef approach 

Hemi Rolleston - FES: Indigenous forestry (7)

Carl McGuinness - FES: opportunities for impact investments 

Elloise Kidd - FES: Trees for climate change adaptation 

Antonia Reid - FES: One Billion Trees Programme priorities, opportunities and challenges 

Colin Maunder - Management of biodiversity, recreation, water quality at the Timberlands Forest Estate 

Cerasela Stancu - Generating investable propositions for ecosystem services across the landscape 

Jacqui Aimers - Integration of non-timber values in native forestry