Biorefinery technology

Biorefinery technology

Scion has the expertise to support growing global interest in biorefinery processing, based on a long history of research and development for the pulp and paper industry. 

A biorefinery is an industrial facility that converts biomass into fuels, power, and value-added chemicals. The biorefinery concept is comparable to today’s petroleum refineries, which produce multiple fuels and products from petroleum.

Scion’s focus is on developing biorefinery processes to create new products from renewable lignocellulosic (woody) materials. Co-products available from the pulping process include extractives, lignin and hemicelluloses. Fibre processing specialists are also contributing to important new developments in biofuel research, producing ethanol from lignocellulosic material.

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Fermentation facility

Exploring biological processes

Biological processes provide the key to efficient biofineries, offering huge advances in industrial processing and energy efficiency.

Scion’s new fermentation plant enables scale-up of industrial biotechnology capability to generate products from microbes. These microbial outputs include enzymes, biopolymers (bioplastics), biofuels and biochemicals.