Changes to the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science

Scion is pleased to announce that from 2013 the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science will be published by the global scientific publisher Springer Science+Business Media. It will form part of the SpringerOpen portfolio of over 100 peer-reviewed fully open-access journals. Scion will retain editorial management of the long running journal, having published it for over 40 years.

The New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science plays an important role in capturing knowledge about planted forests. Journal editor Dr Ruth Falshaw says this tradition will be enhanced through the support of an international publisher.

“Scion and Springer share the same vision about open-access scientific publication. The Journal will remain freely available on-line with no author charges and many other benefits,” she explains.

The benefits include: on-line submission; an html, xml and pdf version of each paper on-line; digital object identifiers; links to references embedded in the text of each paper; access to anti-plagiarism software; global promotion through Springer’s on-line platforms SpringerOpen and SpringerLink; and an international standard code of ethics.

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